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Forbes: Why Talking With Your Fingers Is Key To Effective Leadership In Today's World

18 Apr 2023
It can be challenging to know what to say and how to engage with staff during uncertain times.

Originally found at Forbes

We are living in unprecedented times for leaders. Disasters and emergencies, big and small, are happening all around us, and our staff are looking to us for guidance. However, it can be challenging to know what to say and how to engage with staff during uncertain times. Should we hold back until we have figured out what to do? Or should we engage people early, risking getting it wrong or being seen as not having the “right” answer?

According to a recent study published in the Academy of Management Journal, “Leaders who under-communicate are viewed as less qualified for a leadership role because they are viewed as less empathic.” When our credibility as leaders is greatly reduced, so is our ability to steer our organizations through turbulent times.

What can business leaders do to build trust?
So, how do we ensure our voices are heard through the soundproof walls of hierarchical, organizational and geographical dividers? I think the answer lies in building trust online internally. This means we as leaders need to learn how to “talk with our fingers” by initiating and contributing to online discussions.


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