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Forbes: A Psychologist Explains The Dangers Of Always Faking A Positive Attitude

30 Apr 2023
There is a dark side to manufactured happiness. Here’s what it is.

Originally found at Forbes

We all experience challenges and struggles at various points in our lives that leave us feeling exhausted, stressed, and anxious. During such times, social norms encourage us to mask our true emotions behind the veil of positivity. We may receive tidbits of advice like:

  • “You may not feel it now but you have to fake it until you make it.”
  • “This is all in your mind. Just smile and you will feel better.”
  • “Only focus on feeling better and you’ll see your problems disappear.”

While positivity can be a helpful tool for overcoming certain challenges and setbacks, constantly feigning happiness can take a serious toll on our mental health and can prevent us from addressing the root causes of our problems.

...One study published in the Academy of Management Journal discovered that workers who tried to fake their emotions and go on with their day reported worsened emotional states over time.

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