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Inc.: Want to be more persuasive, make better decisions, be a better leader, and even lose weight? Neuroscience says first take a look at the clock

23 Dec 2023
Because your circadian rhythm matters.

Originally found at Inc.

Effort, willpower, perseverance, luck--tons of things make a difference for success.

But where your performance is concerned, time of day also matters.

Be More Charismatic and Persuasive

Let's start with influence. Some people are extremely persuasive. They influence (in a good way) the people around them. Every successful person I know is at least somewhat charismatic, and tends to be really good at persuading other people; not by manipulating or pressuring, but by describing the logic and benefits of an idea to gain agreement.

Maybe you think that sounds like you. Or maybe you think it doesn't. Either way, you're right. And sometimes wrong. According to research published in Leadership Quarterly, people tend to be much less charismatic when they're at a relatively low point in their circadian rhythm, and much more charismatic when they're at a relatively high point.

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