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Forbes: 6 signs that your company might adopt the 4-day workweek

07 Apr 2024
Most U.S. workers favor a shorter workweek and longer weekend, starting on Fridays, and in some cases the trend has already begun.

Originally found at Forbes

Look closely at the 2024 trends of how Americans are working,. You’re likely to notice a four-day workweek insinuating itself into the workplace. Upon close examination, the clues become as obvious as a blinking neon light—especially if you consider the amount of time U.S. employees are spending outside of the office. Here are six trends that signal a four-day workweek is afoot.

...Clue # 4: Science-Backed Research Showing Benefits

The majority of science-backed studies like the one in the Academy of Management Journalshow that a four-day workweek doesn’t reduce labor productivity and may, in fact, increase it. Other research cites that employees can do more in four days than they can in five—when they work smarter. The United Kingdom launched the largest four-day workweek pilot to date, including more than 3,300 workers and 70 British companies. After a six-month, four-day workweek trial, findings show no productivity loss associated with a four-day workweek pilot program with some companies reporting significant improvements.

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