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Inc.: With 1 Sentence, Mark Cuban Just Provided the Perfect Definition of Leadership

28 May 2024
A definition that puts the focus where it should be: on the business's goals, but also on the individual goals of each and every employee.

Originally found at Inc.

How do you define leadership? Maybe your definition of leadership includes setting clear expectations. Communicating. Listening. Motivating, inspiring, guiding, training. The usual suspects.

Mark Cuban's definition of leadership includes another element.

...As the authors of a study published in the Academy of Management Journal write:

... leader humility involves leaders modeling to followers how to grow and produces positive organizational outcomes by leading followers to believe that their own developmental journeys and feelings of uncertainty are legitimate in the workplace.

... the emergent humility in leadership model informs a broad range of leadership issues, including organizational development and change, the evolution of leader-follower relationships, new pathways for engaging followers, and integrating top-down and bottom-up organizing.

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