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12 Jul 2022
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Migration Isn’t Growing, Just Changing

Experts have been pointing to increasing numbers of migrating populations as a sign of a growing global problem. But for the last seven decades, the number of migrants compared with the world population has remained about 3%.

CEOs whose values differ from the political party in power generally respond by cutting funding for research and development and saving profits.

“We are at risk, now, that these algorithms change … our morality in fundamental ways by suppressing judgment in decision-making,” AOM scholars say.

AOM scholars point to three factors that contribute to environments that can be attractive to harassers.

In many cases, professionals with multiple jobs are seen as less competent in their primary occupation, according to an Academy of Management Discoveries article.

There is no overall difference in performance because teams without charters ultimately come up with their own working agreements, according to an Academy of Management Learning & Education article.

Women tend to speak more concretely about their business plans. Men speak more abstractly about their ideas, pitching them as disruptive, industry-changing, and scalable. That gives men an advantage because investors attach more value to those qualities.

(For more research findings related to pitching ventures to investors or ideas to bosses, see below.)

Doomsday Scenarios


Mention Black Swans and many people think of surprising events with world-changing consequences, like the COVID-19 pandemic or the war in Ukraine. This two-part , conceived in 2018, focuses on world-changing events and their consequences for managers and business leaders. Unexpected shocks are often products of people’s activities and organizations’ choices, making them not quite so unexpected. The pandemic, which struck as this was being developed, has revealed what we got right and wrong in our thinking about such events. The , which will be free access through AOM's 82nd Annual Meeting Aug. 4–10, covers subjects including:

  • How teams might work in a zombie apocalypse
  • Organized violence during social strife
  • Pandemics and antibiotic resistance
  • The global refugee crisis
  • Fear of megacatastrophes among would-be entrepreneurs
  • How research fails to connect capitalism and climate change
  • Historical signs of our civilization’s collapse
  • Corporate foresight strategies
  • A post–COVID–19 world
Making your pitch


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Traumatic Events Can Create Vicarious Victims at Work

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