Sabbaticals, Wicked problems, Dignity

04 Jan 2023
AOM Insights
The Transformative Power of Sabbaticals

A sabbatical is a luxury few in the working world experience. But in the wake of the Great Recession and amid “quiet quitting,” it might be time for employers to rethink their stance on extended breaks from work. That’s because people who take sabbaticals uniformly return to work feeling affirmed in their own voice, with confidence and a renewed sense of purpose, AOM scholars reveal.

As wicked problems—such as poverty, pandemics, climate change, and species extinction—become increasingly urgent, researchers have found a new way to collaborate with managers to develop sustainable business approaches, according to an Academy of Management Learning & Education article.

The COVID-19 pandemic, racial inequality, and technological dehumanization converged to make a historic erosion of feelings of dignity at work around the world, according to an Academy of Management Annals article. The first systematic review of the subject analyzes 523 scholarly articles from philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology, and management journals.

Curious to find out if straw polls help groups make good decisions, AOM scholars conducted experiments using three types of preliminary, unofficial voting to learn the effects.

Experiments among small teams show that working with people with similar skills, then collaborating with people with different skills at the end of projects, produces the best results.

Science, not Speculation

Taking a look at teams

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