NBC News: Desk makeover – I redesigned my work space to boost my productivity and mental health

14 Jan 2020
Stark and barren spaces make us just as stressed out as a cluttered space. When it comes to our work environment it's all about striking a balance.

Originally found at NBC News, by Danielle Page

Starting your workday off in a good mood improves productivity, according to a recent study published by the Academy of Management. Of course, there are plenty of factors that are out of your control — a traffic-filled commute, oversleeping or forgetting something important at home can all easily shift your mood to the negative. To combat this, I’ve spent the past few years adorning my desk (the first thing I see when I enter the office) with items that make me happy: personal photos, sweet notes from coworkers and cats. Lots of cats.

Recently, this has gotten out of hand. Instead of starting my work day feeling happy and energized by looking at my decor, I’d immediately feel stressed out and overwhelmed at clutter (and the number of cats) staring back at me.

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