Forbes: Why Leaders Should Encourage Socializing In The Workplace

04 Apr 2022
Social connections in the workplace can benefit employees’ well-being and sense of purpose. However, many workers have felt lonely during the pandemic.

Originally found at Forbes, by Scott Ford

Before 2020, questions such as, “What did you do this weekend?” and other small talk helped us learn more about our colleagues while we waited for our first cup of coffee to brew or gathered before a meeting. From trivial topics to silly banter, these non-work discussions helped many of us feel bonded and connected with our colleagues throughout the workplace.

But with the pandemic, small talk has migrated to email and communication platforms. However, I believe business leaders must put forth the extra effort to ensure staff relationships retain the spontaneity and free flow of in-person interactions as much as possible. From my perspective, allowing staff time to chat with one another and/or organizing opportunities for after-hour connections can result in a happier, more collaborative team.

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