The Washington Post: PwC’s Boozy U.K. Event Ends With Coma And Lawsuit

30 Aug 2022
Michael Brockie went into a coma and had part of his skull removed after participating in the company event that encouraged ‘excessive’ drinking, according to the lawsuit.

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Peter Bamberger, vice president at the Academy of Management and a professor at Tel Aviv University and Cornell University’s Smithers Institute, has studied the use of alcohol in and around the workplace for decades.

People perceive alcohol as being a social lubricant, Bamberger said, which motivates them to drink in hopes of interacting more comfortably with co-workers — regardless of whether alcohol actually makes things better. And in some industries, drinking is baked into the culture of deal making.

We need to talk about pandemic drinking.

“In a lot of professional workplace interactions, drinking is a way of establishing a trusting relationship,” Bamberger said. With salespeople, for example, “very often the sales process begins with episodes of drinking where everybody puts themselves at risk.”

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