Search Expressing 'True Self' May Prove Elusive For Trans Employees Who Are Transitioning

01 Sep 2022
Trans employees who are transitioning in the workplace go through a complex process of "endless becoming," according to a new study.

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The study, published in the Academy of Management Journal, explodes the myth of gender transition as a linear "journey" with a fixed endpoint.

The researchers challenge the idea of an "authentic self" as an ultimate goal by suggesting there is no fixed endpoint at which authenticity is achieved.

Rather, expressing an identity that feels "true" is an ongoing process for individuals as they learn more about themselves and revise how they express their gender identity.

The researchers interviewed 25 transgender employees from the Netherlands four times over two years.

In each interview, participants were asked open questions about how they expressed their gender identity at work, how their gender identity was evolving and about their feelings regarding their changing sense of self.

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