CNBC: Real estate broker with tennis side hustle beats ex-top 10 player: ‘I’m going to have to ask for another day off’

16 Feb 2023
Matija Pecotić has to dip into his vacation days to support his side hustle.

Originally found at CNBC

Matija Pecotić has to dip into his vacation days to support his side hustle.

But the real estate director’s extra gig isn’t selling T-shirts or doing online consulting. Instead, he plays tennis before work every day to maintain his skill and love for the sport.

On Tuesday, those early morning hours paid off. Pecotić beat Jack Sock, formerly ranked No. 8 in the world, at the Delray Beach Open in Florida. The native Croatian, who had already used a day of paid time off to compete, said he had to ask for Wednesday off too, after he advanced in the tournament.

...Pecotić‘s boss is perhaps smart to support his side hustle. A 2021 study published in Academy of Management Journal found having passions outside of work actually “enriches” employees’ in-office performance.

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