Medium: What Makes Companies Choose Dark Money?

10 Jul 2023
New research sheds light on the strategies corporations use to conceal their political activity.

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Deep Throat’s advice to reporter Bob Woodward to “follow the money” in the 1976 film “All the President’s Men” still resonates decades after Watergate. It remains arduous work, especially when corporations deliberately make their political money hard to follow.

Legal corporate political activities, including lobbying and campaign contributions, are often designed to cloak the companies behind them. That concealment is an enduring part of the U.S. political system and an intriguing source of study for McCombs’ Timothy Werner, an associate professor of business, government, and society.

In a new theoretical paper (Academy of Management Review), Werner — along with Nan Jia of the University of Southern California and Stanislav Markus of the University of South Carolina — sheds light on the strategies corporations use to hide their political activity.

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