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03 Oct 2023
Just how welcoming Toronto and other global cities are to migrants can play a large role in their success at navigating physical and social barriers to reestablish their careers, found York University researchers.

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The researchers wanted to know how big cities, such as Toronto, one of the largest international, financial, and business centers attracting skilled migrants from all around the world, enables or constrains migrant careers and integration. The answer, they say, is important for cities and organizations serving the migrant population as well as employers, policymakers, and even migrants.

The paper, "Untangling Space and Career Action: Migrant Career Recontextualization in the Host City," was published in the journal Academy of Management Discoveries.

Local customs, educational job requirements, learning opportunities and the availability of social connections all form boundaries that can help or hinder the ability to navigate a new city. The recent study by York Professor Jelena Zikic of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies and former York PhD candidate Viktoriya Voloshyna, now an Assistant professor at Thompson Rivers University, completed an in-depth study of migrants' lived-work experiences, across time and space to discover how cities and their artifacts, including the built cityscape, customs and practices, affect newcomers' capacities to learn and flourish in their careers.

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