Inc.: Messi or Ronaldo? Which superstar do you want on your team?

22 Mar 2024
A deep dive behind superstar dynamics in sports reveals vital leadership and high-performance insights for businesses.

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In sports, few debates are as polarizing as the Messi and Ronaldo saga. Lionel Messi, Inter Miami and Argentina's captain, is widely considered the greatest soccer player of all time. Cristiano Ronaldo is Portugal's all-time top scorer and is considered one of the greatest goal scorers of all time. Rarely has the world seen two superstars at the top of their game going head to head for more than a decade. Imagine if Lebron James and Michael Jordan had played at the same time, faced each other in championship games year after year, and drove each other to even greater heights.

Regardless of personal preferences and tastes, there's no denying that the two have become symbols of a generation filled with incredible footballers. Whether in Europe, the United States, or the Middle East, they are the top players and leaders everywhere they go.

Yet when we strip away the biases of fandom, the debate offers profound insights into the dynamics of superstars within teams, their personalities as leaders, and how those personalities can influence the rest of the group. It's not about choosing sides but understanding the importance of these types of individuals in maximizing your team's performance in any organization.

...a study by the Academy of Management (Journal) examined the impact of narcissism on team coordination and performance within the context of NBA basketball teams. The evidence suggests that teams with more narcissistic "takers" often see stagnation in their growth, primarily if such traits are embodied by their leading stars. 

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