Inc.: Jerry Seinfeld Just Said the 'Golden Path to Victory in Life' Comes Down to 2 Words

13 May 2024
Not 'close talker.' Not 'yada yada.' Not 'double dip.' And definitely not 'find passion.'

Originally found at Inc.

Most people believe passion comes first, but not Mark Cuban. When Adam Grant asked Cuban if there was a "worst piece of career advice you've gotten," he said:

Follow your passion? No.

Follow your effort. No one quits anything they're good at.

Jerry Seinfeld doesn't believe in "following your passion" either. During his Duke University commencement speech last weekend, Seinfeld said:

Let go of this idea that you have to find this one great thing that is "my passion, my great passion."

Find fascination.

Fascination is way better than passion. Find something where you love the good parts, and don't mind the bad parts too much.

This is the golden path to victory in life.

Granted, fascination alone isn't enough. Fascination is like ideas: both should be verbs. Just as an idea without effort is a dream, fascination without effort is just an interest.

...Science agrees. Take starting a business; according to a study published in the Academy of Management Journal, the more effort entrepreneurs put into their startups or side hustles, the more enthusiastic they get about their businesses. 

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