Psychology Today: 5 Positive Ways to Approach Job Loss

21 May 2024
Here are 5 things to keep in mind when seeking a new job.

Originally found at Psychology Today

Chances are you or someone you know is seeking a new career opportunity. And given the competitive job climate, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes the stress can activate a feeling-stuck mode, resulting in an increase in anxiety. However, there are five things you can do to help yourself get through this time.

1. Write about your job loss. In an article published in the Academy of Management Journal, researchers examined 63 individuals who lost their jobs and how expressive writing may impact their reemployment. In this case, expressive writing included writing about one’s thoughts and emotions concerning the prior job. The findings were fascinating—those who wrote about their job loss found a new job more quickly than those who did not write.

Also, writing can help you see your blind spots, and it can be therapeutic in the sense that no one is judging you. Journaling can also lead to new insights.

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Read the original research in Academy of Management Journal.