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Published quarterly in February, May, August, and November

Revised Mission Statement:

The mission of Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP) is to inform current and future “thought leaders” who, through their leadership, teaching, consulting, and/or other professional activities have the potential to influence management practice and policy. These include educators and their students, business writers, consultants, executives, policy makers, and other practitioners seeking innovative, evidence-based approaches for addressing timely and important management issues. AMP publishes papers that bridge scholarly research and practice that are based on research evidence. This evidence can be quantitative or qualitative, focusing on one study, or summarizing the results of several studies in a particular line of research. AMP will not publish opinion pieces. Articles should strive to explicate a set of findings in a manner that focuses on implications for policy and practice, rather than on implications for theory. Articles might include practitioner or policy-oriented reviews of empirical studies, descriptive articles that advance our understanding of management practices or strategic approaches, and articles describing the practice and/or policy implications of evidence-based work.

The revision of the AMP mission was motivated by a recognition that the field of management, and within the portfolio of the AOM journals, there is a need for a journal that can more effectively facilitate our impact as a community of scholars. With this revised mission, AMP will be able to provide a new medium for communicating the knowledge created by management researchers in a manner that students, enterprise leaders, policy-makers and thought leaders can better understand and act upon.

AMP editors will continue to consider submissions that align with the previous mission statement through 1-July 2024.


Central features that define AMP

  • AMP is a premier journal for theory, policy and impact.
  • AMP consolidates and extends theoretical and applied scholarly debates with a policy significance.
  • AMP views policy as setting principles to create consistency. Policy may be relevant to individuals, teams, organizations, communities, or beyond; it may entail governance considerations, or be used within the broad spheres of economy and society.
  • AMP is a highly influential journal, confirmed by its impact factor, which places it among the very top business and management journals. We expect articles to be appropriate to the standing and reputation of the journal. In turn, we provide high quality reviews by acknowledged experts.
  • AMP requires all accepted authors to submit explainer videos (more details will be available upon acceptance).

Nominations for the Position of AMP Editor

Susan Zaid

AOM seeks your recommendation for individual(s) who you deem capable and inclined to accept this position of responsibility. Nominations, including self-nominations, will be accepted until 1 October 2020.

Nominations are being sought for the position of editor for  Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP)

Our mission is to ensure an inclusive selection process and generate a viable list of qualified potential editors from a comprehensive collection of nominations. As a member of the Academy, we ask for your recommendation for individual(s) who you deem capable and inclined to accept this position of responsibility. Nominees do not need to be current associate editors of Academy of Management publications.  We will contact these individuals and encourage them to consider accepting the nomination to be considered for the suggested editorship.

The person(s) selected for AMP editor will become editor-elect on July 1, 2021, and editor on January 1, 2022. The term of office as editor of is three years.  Visit the AMP website to access the AMP mission statement and for more information:

Specific requirements vary by journal. We encourage you to contact us for details. In general, qualifications for an editor of an Academy publication include the following:

  • Nominees may recommend a potential co-editor with the demonstrated top tier criteria listed above, who can augment and diversify the knowledge base required of an AOM editor.
  • Significant scholarly contributions in management, including publications associated with the mission of the journal.
  • Extensive experience and an excellent reputation as a reviewer, an editorial board member, or an editor of a management-related journal.
  • Demonstrated administrative skills, capacity to handle a demanding workload and meet deadlines, and ability to work constructively with authors, reviewers, and the Academy's Board of Governors.
  • A doctoral degree in a management-related discipline.
  • A member of the Academy of Management.
  • Incoming editor should be comfortable working virtually with the Managing Editor, as the managing editor function will be housed at the Academy's headquarters office.
  • Familiarity with, and ability to use, online submission and review system.

Selection will be a three-stage process.  The Journals Committee (a committee of the Academy of Management Board of Governors) will review the nominations and will request complete applications from those that best fit the criteria above.  Applicants that move to the second stage will be asked to submit a detailed proposal of how they would further the goals of the journal as described in the editorial mission statement contained in each issue.  In the third stage, the Journals Committee will forward a recommendation to the full Board of Governors who will finalize the recommendation.  

Nominations, including self-nominations, will be accepted until 1 October 2020.

Email nominations to: Susan Zaid (

Submissions should include nominee name(s), full address, telephone number, email address and current


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