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Business Insider: Layoffs can cause contagion that pushes workers who are left behind to quit

27 Feb 2023
Twitter is said to have let go of 200 employees over the weekend in addition to the 7,500 workers that the social media giant axed last year.

Originally found at Business Insider

Researchers have known for some time that quitting is contagious

When one employee leaves, the departure can have a ripple effect on others on the same team; suddenly those remaining workers, too, are more likely to head for the exit. It's a phenomenon that might help explain the staying power of the Great Resignation, a period in which workers have been quitting — and changing jobs — at record levels.

Now new research suggests layoffs are correlated with the same behavior. Visier, a human-resources analytics company, found that when employees were laid off or terminated, the likelihood that their direct colleagues would quit was 7.7% higher than if those employees had remained. Visier published a study about turnover contagion following resignations and later detailed its finding related to layoffs in a LinkedIn post

Layoffs are piling up in corners of corporate America — Twitter is said to have let go of 200 employees over the weekend in addition to the 7,500 that the social media giant axed last year; meanwhile, other tech giants including Google and Microsoft have also shed workers this year, as have Goldman Sachs and Disney. The findings have implications for firms that have recently let go of large numbers of employees or are considering it: The layoffs might push other workers out the door.

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