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Psychology Today: Research findings on the power of women leaders

29 Feb 2024
Women's leadership transforms culture, boosts profits, and advances health.

Originally found at Psychology Today

To the celebrated mantra, "Strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them," I propose an addition: "May we lead like them." As we celebrate Women's History Month, here are four fascinating research findings on the power of women leaders.

Women Leaders and Culture

Jennifer Franczak and I analyzed data from companies featured in the Great Place to Work survey over three years. Our focus? The impact of women in management roles on company culture. By examining the ratio of women in management to the total number of female employees, we uncovered intriguing insights.

Published in the journal Organizational Dynamics, our findings reveal a clear trend: Companies with a higher proportion of women in leadership positions are consistently rated by employees as great(er) places to work. These companies are perceived as safer, more enjoyable, and friendlier environments. This research underscores the positive influence female leaders have on workplace culture.

Women Leaders and the Bottom Line

Corinne Post and Kris Byron analyzed the results of 140 studies covering a vast array of companies worldwide to understand better how women on corporate boards impacted firm financial performance. Publishing their analysis in 2015 in the Academy of Management Journal, the results showed that the presence of women on boards positively impacted accounting returns.

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