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2019 AOM Meeting themes: the inclusive organization, workplace gender and power, opportunities for those on the autism spectrum

11 Jul 2019
More than 10,000 global management researchers will converge in Boston for a five-day conference exploring inclusive business approaches worldwide.

BOSTON, July 11, 2019 – The Academy of Management (AOM), the largest global association devoted to management and organization research, today announced the details of its 79th Annual Meeting, which will be in Boston Aug. 9 to 13. Top management and organization researchers from around the world will reveal their latest research findings addressing some of today’s most important issues impacting business.

The conference theme “Understanding the Inclusive Organization” will explore the creation, operation and consequences of inclusive business approaches worldwide. Session topics include cultivating healthy work cultures for LGBTQ+ employees, obstacles to gender inclusion in the #MeToo era and the impact women in leadership positions have on diversity throughout their organizations.

“Countless organizations and business leaders around the world call for practices and policies designed to drive the empowerment and contributions of their workforce. Still, our knowledge of these inclusive business approaches is relatively new, and their full impact remains elusive to both scholars and practitioners,” said AOM’s Vice President and Program Chair, Quinetta Roberson, from Villanova University. “The research presented at this year’s Annual Meeting will examine challenges, questions and trends facing managers to further advance our understanding of what it means to be an inclusive organization.”

The AOM Annual Meeting is the premier global management science conference, drawing more than 11,000 management researchers and leaders in academia from 92 countries. During the conference, AOM will host more than 2,000 sessions grounded in research from academic luminaries across the globe.

The full conference schedule is available on AOM’s Annual Meeting website. Notable research featured in select sessions will include:

  • How organizations and coworkers can foster inclusivity with LGBTQ+ employees
  • The impact women in top management roles have on diversity
  • Fostering justice and inclusion in the #MeToo era
  • Recognizing the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees on the autism spectrum
  • Addressing disadvantages faced by employees who are overweight
  • Adapting to AI and its consequences on a global scale
  • Considering themes of love and dignity within an inclusive organization

The Annual Meeting also will feature intersectional topics such as productivity, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship.

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