President's Corner

The President’s Corner seeks to raise awareness across Academy of Management membership for understanding organizational goals and celebrating notable achievements.


Showcasing the 2022 Annual Meeting

“We are continuing our journey of adapting to a changed landscape and leveraging our learnings from virtual experiments in 2020 and 2021. So, what does this mean for this year? One Annual Meeting: Three Experiences.” -Sharon Alvarez, Program Chair & Vice President

AOM Research: Rigor and Relevance

Our journals clearly target readers who are management and organization researchers and educators. But they also aim to be relevant and useful for organizations and society at large.

Innovation Thrives

It’s been quite a ride since the first Academy of Management meeting took place 85 years ago with only 10 people in attendance!

Building AOM’s Future

'We' is the key. It is you, and you … all of us, almost 20,000 Academy members.