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Post-pandemic business, racially diverse management, Latino entrepreneurs

01 Aug 2020
AOM Insights
Three Post-Pandemic Business Scenarios

The researchers examined scenarios for businesses in a post-pandemic society: 1. Let’s get back to normal. 2. There’s no going back to normal. 3. Let’s strive for a new and better normal.


"Organizations that have higher levels of racial diversity not only in the lower managerial level, but also the upper managerial level, are actually the best performing companies that we observe," a researcher says.


Hackathon successes and failures show that organizations trying accelerate innovation—the way many are trying to develop new products in response to the COVID-19 pandemic—are not likely to achieve their goals by merely working in the same old ways, within tighter deadlines.


Latinos have been becoming entrepreneurs at much higher rate than other U.S. racial groups in recent years, but they have been relatively slower to actually staff their businesses.


Being cast as an underdog can be a powerful motivation to prove the naysayers wrong and rise to the top.


Some hedge funds invest in the most socially responsible companies to create short-term profits for shareholders by cutting the companies’ diversity, environmental, and charitable programs.


Just the right amount of procrastination can help you be more creative in tasks that are interesting or require creativity.


Being lenient about handling misconduct at work can be a double-edged sword for the person choosing not to strictly enforce the rules.


Contrary to perceptions that small talk is inconsequential, researchers have found that chit-chat contributes to employees’ positive emotions, promotes well-being, and fosters good workplace citizenship.


Hiring managers often have a significant bias against candidates who ask about pay and perks during interviews. Managers rate candidates who focus on the job higher than applicants who also inquire about benefits.


"Supporting a family provides a powerful source of motivation that can boost performance in the workplace," a researcher says.


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