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Work-family balance, awards, mean bosses

01 Sep 2019
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The Struggle to Balance Work, Family, and Self-Image

"The common answers—censorship, control, cultural differences—are important, but they are not the real reasons for the systematic failure of Western Internet companies in China," a researcher says.

By analyzing data about professional hockey players changing teams, researchers uncovered strategies that managers should keep in mind.

Science-based entrepreneurs can find the help they need to succeed from “behind the scenes” intermediary organizations.

The staggering costs of corporate scandals are well-known. Largely overlooked, however, is a potential silver lining for competitors of the scandalized company. This is a summary of a finalist for Academy of Management Journal's 2019 Best Article.

Crying at work is not always a big problem, but in the wrong situation, it can be a reputation-killer. This is a summary of a finalist for Academy of Management Discoveries' 2019 Best Article. It's also the most-clicked Insights summary to date.

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Beat the VC Funding Bias

Check out the summary of Academy of Management Journal's 2019 Best Article:


Understanding Envy, Jealous, and Rivalry
AOM Specialized Conference: Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies

Learn about responsible management and sustainable innovation to address social problems at Oct. 23–25, 2019, at the IEDC-Bled School of Management in Bled, Slovenia. Attendees can from each of AOM’s six leading journals.

AOM Specialized Conference: Advancing Management Research in Latin America

April 15-17, 2020, at IPADE Business School in Mexico City, is designed to:

1. Foster the development of research from Latin American scholars and institutions.

2. Create opportunities for leading scholars to learn more about how their work relates to relevant issues embedded within the Latin America context.

3. Establish connections between management educators and scholars from Latin America and those from other parts of the world.

are now open.








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