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AMD Relaunches Nontraditional Article Feature

20 Jan 2021
Discoveries invites submissions of empirical research to AMD’s newest feature, Discoveries-in-Brief, an alternative to the traditional structure of journal articles.

Academy of Management Discoveries invites you to consider submitting your empirical research to AMD’s newest feature, Discoveries-in-Brief, which empowers authors to craft their manuscripts in nontraditional ways that make for tighter, more engaging narratives that tell the story of their work.

In recent years, management scholars have noted—and lamented—the absence of engaging writing in our field. This lack of engaging writing limits our ability to effectively engage a variety of audiences, thus inhibiting the reach of our work.

AMD has relaunched Discoveries-in-Brief, to address this area for improvement in management scholarship.  

Discoveries-in-Brief also provides a streamlined review process that enables articles to be published as quickly as possible. Manuscripts that are submitted as Discoveries-in-Brief—or that are identified by the editorial team as possible Discoveries-in-Brief articles—will be handled by either Erik Dane (Associate Editor) or Kevin Rockmann (Editor) and will be considered for expeditious publication, subject to the paper’s reception by the review team.

As with all AMD articles, Discoveries-in-Brief articles must connect directly to management and organizational research. Because AMD is a “big tent” journal representing the entire academy, a wide range of research topics are suitable for publication in Discoveries-in-Brief, provided the authors make the connections to the field evident. In writing for Discoveries-in-Brief, you can—and should—provide a riveting narrative. Your story should speak for itself, so that no “assembly” by the reader is required.  

For more information including how to submit to Discoveries-in-Brief, click here.