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North Korean entrepreneurship, Humility and errors, Failure tales

01 Dec 2021
AOM Insights
North Korea’s Entrepreneurial Dreamers

North Korean entrepreneur. That might sound like an oxymoron, but AOM scholars describe a growing “gray market” in the Hermit Kingdom, as well as North Korean graduate students envisioning their own entrepreneurial prospects.

AOM scholars have found that previous research has missed an indicator for the type of person most likely to learn from mistakes: being humble.

Many leaders in the tech industry and beyond have embraced efforts to share errors and failures to fuel learning and innovation. New research reveals the specific ways in which leaders can effectively communicate about their failures.

Women are increasingly advised to negotiate for higher pay as they climb the career ladder. But forging agreements for professional development and expanded authority can be more important than negotiating salary and benefits over the long haul.

New findings about the impact of career disruption on self-image can be applied beyond athletes to leaders in other arenas. Think of the executive who is fired from the company she led, the entrepreneur whose startup fails, or the military officer who is suddenly a civilian.

Business leaders should not have to wince at the thought of a departing CEO's severance details hitting the news. Tailoring a severance package to individual CEO needs and the organization’s situation before the hire may help avoid pitfalls such as bad press and outcries from shareholders.

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Pros and Cons of Listening to Music at Work

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New People Can Spark Creativity by Shaking Things Up
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