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01 Jan 2022
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Sparking Curiosity at Work

The first detailed and systematic review of workplace research reveals curiosity's many upsides, occasional downsides, and how managers can encourage employees to be curious.

Even though everyone makes mistakes, many organizations are reluctant to accept that errors happen and correcting them offers chances to learn and grow. Leaders who adopt an error management approach have a better image with employees than leaders who focus on avoiding mistakes. (See below for more Insights summaries on workplace errors.)


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Errors in Organizations: Exploring New Frontiers, and Developing New Opportunities for Theory, Research, and Impact

Today’s headlines are filled with news about errors that produce service interruptions, product failures, injuries, and loss of lives. Consider the manufacturing errors that led to massive Toyota and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recalls, medical errors that are responsible for thousands of deaths in U.S. hospitals each year, or the errors that contributed to the self-driving Tesla car crash, BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Fukushima disaster, or the recent train derailment in Washington state. Errors are ubiquitous not only in organizational life, but also in the economy, the environment, and in public policy. The wisdom of managing and learning from errors is incontrovertible. The goal in this is to broaden thinking on errors and to build a knowledge resource that is more visible, systematic, and influential on organizations. This endeavor is even more relevant in an era of rapid technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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