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US China rivalry, Anti-woke diversity efforts, Instagram influencers

01 Sep 2022
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International Firms Should Heed the U.S.-China Rivalry

Companies that do business outside their own national borders need to reassess their nonmarket strategies as the intensifying U.S.-China rivalry changes national and economic alliances around the world, AOM scholars say.

Workplace diversity efforts that ignore organizational unity may show no measurable improvements and even cause unintended problems, according to an Academy of Management Perspectives article.

Two AOM scholars use Instagram to study the effects of visual images and word-based communication on stakeholder engagement among social media entrepreneurs in the fitness and nutrition industry.

Organizations often cast Asians as the model minority, a group known for hard work and dedicated to achievement. But when Asian leaders seem to step outside the restrictive parameters of the model minority stereotype, they risk failure for not meeting the expectations of their white peers.

While studies have shown that employees going through divorce is linked to decreased productivity and increased absenteeism, an Academy of Management Discoveries article explains how the consequences of divorce can be even worse at the top. When CEO marriages break up, organizations’ performance often suffers, especially at small firms or when the divorce is complicated by conflicts involving children or money.

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