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Communicating enough, Knowing vs. doing, Trans workers' "true selves"

04 Nov 2022
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Leaders Pay Dearly for Not Communicating Enough

Business leaders were nearly 10 times more likely to be criticized for under-communicating than over-communicating, according to research detailed in an Academy of Management Journal article. Worse yet, those who say too little come across as uncaring.

Leadership development today often means investing lots of time and money. Conferences, retreats, mentoring programs, mountains of books, hours of multimedia resources. Checking to see if new knowledge gets used at work? Not so much.

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Female Freelancers Face a Glass Wall

As the gig economy grows, successful freelancers are branching out, offering more services to attract more work. But women who want to expand their areas of expertise have fewer opportunities to grow than men due to gender biases, AOM scholars reveal.

For transgender employees, figuring out how to express gender identity at work is a continuous process that balances a desire to be authentic with a desire to be accepted by coworkers.

When it comes to getting hired, who you know is often just as or more important than what you know. Female candidates who are recommended by other women who are highly tenured and successful have a better chance of landing a prestigious position, according to an Academy of Management Discoveries article.

While women have traditionally led efforts for gender equity, there is a growing emphasis on getting men involved. Workplace allyship groups, the United Nations’ HeForShe campaign, and #LeanInTogether are just a few examples. But men are often at a loss as to how to be effective allies.

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People like their jobs more when the economy is tanking. That's the main finding of AOM scholars who tracked job satisfaction over several economic cycles. The researchers found that employees appreciate their jobs more in a down economy because other job opportunities are scarce, and they are grateful to be working.

The Moral Dangers of Letting AI Make Decisions for Us


Rebuilding Business Schools to Benefit Society


Mistakes and errors and fails, oh my!
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