Goal 2: Providing Indispensable Value

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AOM is providing to a diverse membership indispensable value characterized by extensive professional services, vibrant volunteerism, interactive communities, and reimagined governance.

What does that mean for our volunteers and member communities?

In 2019, the Academy piloted a new partnership with the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA) to serve student members. AOM's student members now have access to the popular and well-regarded CARMA videos through the new Doctoral Student Development Program (DSDP). This year brought in the reinvention of “Placement Services” as “Career Services,” adding value to job seekers and employers; and all Division and Interest Groups (DIG) communities were launched alongside new email tools to help unburden DIG volunteers.



In 2019, more than 20,000 scholars from over 120 countries made the Academy their home for their intellectual and professional endeavors.

2019 Annual Report Members by Type and Region

Division and Interest Groups

Members benefit from involvement in the Academy’s 25 Divisions and Interest Groups (DIGs). Divisions and Interest Groups provide disciplinary “home bases” where members connect and collaborate around specific management domains.


Division & Interest Group Reviews

Every five years, the Academy’s Divisions and Interest Groups are reviewed by a group of DIG leaders and members of the Board serving on the Division and Interest Group Relations Committee. In 2019, the following four divisions were reviewed. Click on each division for their 5-Year Review Reports.

Board-Division Leadership Strategy Exchange

On Thursday, August 8, at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Boston, the Board of Governors and Division and Interest Group leaders held their annual ”Strategic Leadership Exchange.“ The discussion surfaced many ideas, needs and challenges in the areas of experimentation, relationship-building, resources, organizational learning, governance structure, cross-DIG collaboration, and data, service and technology support.  

Key outputs emerged from Boston, including the launch of the Strategic Project Fund and the creation of the Division and Interest Group (DIG) Leaders Community and Resources webpage via Connect@AOM.



Connect@AOM provides a dynamic, interactive, online community that enhances Division and Interest Group and other volunteer communication, leadership collaboration, and member engagement. Building on the success of DIG early adopters, 2019 saw the expansion of Connect@AOM as all AOM listservs transitioned to the new online community platform. This completes a long-standing strategic objective intended to strengthen online community-building by providing more networking and collaboration opportunities.

Division and Interest Group involvement and contribution to Connect@AOM is key to its long-term success. DIGs are now using Connect to host and store documents, share the details of AOM and related events and deadlines, and have discussions among members. In 2019, members learned how to use and take advantage of Connect@AOM’s collaborative features and functionality, engaging in more than 9,740 new discussion threads and sharing more than 2,300 uploaded documents and resources over the course of the year.

Career Services

To better reflect the efforts and initiatives of AOM, Placement Services was updated to Career Services in 2019. This more inclusive name is reflective of the additional resources AOM has been able to provide its members. Additional year-round career coaching services have also been provided by the Career Services Committee and facilitated by the Manager, which provides AOM’s global candidate membership the opportunity to receive pre-market preparation during all hiring seasons, not just during the Annual Meeting.


Career Center at the Annual Meeting


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