Goal 3: Advancing Knowledge

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Goal Three Details: Journals | Insights

AOM is fundamentally advancing knowledge creation and content dissemination for greater relevancy and impact on a diverse set of stakeholders and institutions around the world.

What does that mean for the broader community of scholars, the field of management, and the general public?

The Academy publishes top-rated journals with authoritative and diverse management research findings. In 2019, AOM continued our effort to engage external audiences, including the global business community, global consumers of management-related news, global media and cultural influencers, and the global public policy community — by introducing AOM Insights. These efforts also promote the scholarly work that AOM produces and provides vital recognition to our members and scholars.

Goal Three Details: Journals | Insights



The Academy publishes the following journals:

Academy of Management Annals

Academy of Management Discoveries (AMD)

Academy of Management Journal (AMJ)

Academy of Management Learning and Education (AMLE)

Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP)

Academy of Management Proceedings

Academy of Management Review (AMR)

At the Academy, our devoted volunteers — editors, associate editors, reviewers and editorial review board members — collaborate to advance knowledge creation and content dissemination for greater global relevancy and impact.




Goal Three Details: Journals | Insights

AOM Insights

AOM publishes online content for managers and business leaders through Insights. Three get-right-to-the-point formats transform AOM research into actionable evidence for the workplace. Easy-to-read summaries of AOM journal articles and engaging infographics and videos enable managers and business leaders to boost their knowledge, advance their careers, help their colleagues, and improve their organizations.

Top 10 Most-Read Insights Summaries in 2019


Academy members have taken notice of the potential for advancing the impact of management and organization science on business and society worldwide.

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