Joint AMLE and AMP Paper Development Workshop, Brazil

Deadline: 02 August 2024

Joint in-person workshop in Florianópolis, Brazil held in conjunction with EnANPAD. Extended abstract, commitment to attend, and separate registration for EnANPAD is required to participate in the PDW (there is no fee to attend the workshop). Participants must cover their own travel and accommodation costs. 

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Joint in-person workshop hosted by the Brazilian Academy of Management (ANPAD)
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Federal University of Santa Catarina in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Led By

AMLE Facilitators:

  • Rafael Alcadipani, Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Brazil
  • Diego M. Coraiola, University of Victoria, Canada
  • Barbara Larson, Northeastern University, USA

AMP Facilitators:

  • Oana Branzei, University of Western Ontario, Canada
  • Sandro Cabral, Insper, Brazil
  • Bonnie Hayden Cheng, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

Local contacts: Sandro Cabral and Diego M. Coraiola

About the workshop

Joint in-person paper development workshop (PDW) in Florianópolis, Brazil. Registration for the Brazilian Academy of Management Conference (EnANPAD) is required to attend the PDW. Submission of an extended abstract and commitment to participate in breakout sessions are required for the second part of the PDW. To register for EnANPAD, click here.

About  Academy of Management Learning & Education (AMLE)

AMLE is rated as 4* in the UK CABS list and A* in the Australian Business Deans’ Council list of journals. AMLE’s mission is to contribute to management learning and education by publishing theory, empirical research, reviews, critiques, and resources that address the processes of management teaching and the learning that results from it. The journal’s main emphasis is on theoretical debates about management learning, management education, and the business of business schools.

About Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP)

AMP is rated as 4 in the UK CABS list and A in the Australian Business Deans’ Council list of journals. AMP’s mission is to inform current and future “thought leaders” who, through their leadership, teaching, consulting, and/or other professional activities have the potential to influence management practice and policy. AMP publishes papers that bridge scholarly research and practice that are based on research evidence. This evidence can be quantitative or qualitative.

Workshop Format

The PDW will consist of two parts:

  • Part 1 –No registration required
    Part 1 of the PDW will be open to all conference attendees. The first half of Part 1 will cover a general introduction to AMP and AMLE and Q&A with the editors. The second half will feature a roundtable with the editors to discuss the challenges scholars from developing countries face in publishing in top-tiered management journals.
  • Part 2Registration needed
    Part 2 of the conference is restricted to attendees who submitted an extended abstract and were invited to join the second part of the PDW. Each participant will be assigned to a table with a journal facilitator and two other participants. Participants are required to read each other’s abstracts and will have the opportunity to provide and receive feedback on their work.

Extended Abstract Submission

Extended abstracts must be approximately 3,000 words in length, encompassing text, images/tables, and references. The document should include a title, author names, affiliations and emails for all authors, and the main body of text.

Registration and submission to the second part of the PDW are required and the deadline to register is 2 August 2024. To participate, please register using the link below. Participants will be notified of acceptance by 19 August 2024.

By submitting your abstract, you are agreeing to have your paper discussed in a small group with other participants, to be willing and able to provide a short (5-minute) overview of your paper to others in the discussion group, and to stay for the entire duration of Part 2. Participation in the PDW is not a prerequisite for submitting your paper to AMP or AMLE and does not affect the manuscript review process and outcome.

Additional Information

There is no fee to attend the PDW. However, all participants must register for the conference (EnANPAD) to participate in the PDW here. Participants must cover their own travel and accommodation costs. 

Event Type: In-Person

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