19 April 2023

20 Apr 2023
Vote in BOG & DIG Elections, Volunteer Month

19 April 2023


19 April 2023

Celebrating AOM Volunteers - Vote in Elections!



April is Global Volunteers Month, and AOM celebrates and thanks its thousands of valued volunteers. Every year, new and long-standing volunteers assume short-term and long-term volunteer roles within AOM. These roles continue to shape the organization, bringing about new changes and initiatives that keep the Academy’s identity fresh and evolving. As a member-based organization, AOM aims to make the volunteer experience as enriching for its volunteers as it is for the community they serve.


AOM's long history of volunteerism has helped to position it as a global leader in the advancement of management, and AOM celebrates its members for their actions, and their service in leadership capacities. Once you become a member of AOM, there are a plethora of volunteer opportunities to be explored. Volunteer roles can range from Annual Meeting DIG volunteers, treasurers, webmasters, communication chairs or career coaching, to larger roles such as Journal Editors and AOM board volunteers.


From being a reviewer to participating at the Annual Meeting, volunteers dedicate time, skills, and efforts to help shape the future of management research and education. Some of the volunteer-led initiatives within AOM include:


AMJ Radio Live

AMR Origins Series

AOM Scholars On…

Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC)


“Being even more involved has helped me stay connected to the community, and to people in the division. As a student representative-at-large, I was able to help the community, and to interact and work with a lot of scholars, whom not only I have read their work, but also people who I admire.”


-Assia Lasfer, Assistant Professor of Management at Laval University



Help shape the future of AOM by voting in the Board of Governors elections, as well as DIG Elections, open now through 17 May.


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AOM News




Career Services

Annual Meeting Career Fair

AOM Career Services is proud to announce the Annual Meeting Career Fair hosted in person as part of the Annual Meeting in Boston.

The informational-style format allows search committee members and job seekers an ideal space to establish that critical first exchange. Table/Ad posting sales for this event will become available mid-May. Questions can be directed to .


Don’t miss the chance to register at the lowest rate to attend AOM 2023.

Registration and Housing are Open!

Registration and housing for the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management are now open! 's in-person experience in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. are also open.


Travel Advisory

If you will be traveling internationally to attend the Annual Meeting, apply for your visa early. .


AOM 2023 Key Dates

  • Annual Meeting Program: early June
  • 83rd Annual Meeting: 4-8 August 2023


Submission decision (accept / reject) notifications for the 2023 AOM Annual Meeting have been sent. If you are associated with a submission, you can check your submission’s status (as well as view reviewer feedback for papers and symposia) in the .

Upcoming AOM Scholars On... Webinars

AOM Scholars On... webinars are free and open to the public. For more information visit . If you are interested in joining AOM's Subject Matter Expert program,.

are designed to provide authors with guidance and expertise in the development of their manuscript for potential submission to an Academy journal. Join us for these upcoming Paper Development Workshops:

16 May

The event will be led by AMP’s Editors-in-Chief Gideon Markman and Geoffrey Wood, and Associate Editors Roy Suddaby, Siri Terjesen, Bill Schulze, Peter Gianiodis, David Collings.

Submission deadline: 1 May

19 May

In this joint talk, we aim to give potential authors information about both journals to help them determine the best fit for their ideas, and to help them understand the characteristics of well-crafted ideas and proposals suitable for eventual submission to AMR and the Annals.

Submission deadline: 1 May

26 May

In this joint talk, we aim to give potential authors information about both journals to help them determine the best fit for their ideas, and to help them understand the characteristics of well-crafted ideas and proposals suitable for eventual submission to AMR and the Annals.

Submission deadline: 1 May

5 June

The goal of the workshop is to develop ideas and working manuscripts with the aim of later submission for review at AMJ. Consistent with the mission of AMJ, submissions on all management-relevant topics, at all levels of analysis, and using all empirical methods are invited for the workshop.

Submission deadline: 8 May

22 June

This workshop is geared toward all scholars (PhD students, junior and senior scholars) who are interested in publishing in AMR and the Annals. Editors of both journals have noticed that some submissions come to their journals that would better fit with the other journal. In this workshop, we aim to work with potential authors to determine the best fit for their ideas, and then help them develop well-crafted ideas and proposals suitable for eventual submission to AMR and the Annals.

Submission deadline: 8 May


DIG and Board of Governors Elections are Open

The Academy's election website is open. Both and elections are being held simultaneously. We strongly encourage your participation in this important governance process. Voting deadline: 17 May

All-Academy Awards

Have you noticed the leadership of a colleague or peer who is regularly engaged in advancing scholarship to the field of management? AOM invites you to share your recognition for these distinguished individuals and their accomplishments with a 2023 Career Achievement Award nomination.


DIG News and Announcements

Connect with your Divisions and Interest Groups


Deadline: 8 May



Deadline: 1 May











Deadline: 28 April








DIG Events

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Don’t miss another chance to grow and network with your colleagues by joining a DIG event.

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27 April


28 April


28 April


3 May


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