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Inc.: If You Can Pass Any of These 6 Leadership Tests, Science Says You'll Be a Much More Effective, Persuasive, and Supportive Boss

28 Nov 2022
And if you can't pass one or two, don't despair: Each strategy can be embraced, starting today.

Originally found at Inc.

Inspiration. Collaboration. Authenticity. Engagement and empowerment. It's easy to name some of the qualities of a great leader.

Still: Since most great leaders are made, not born, it's a lot harder to possess those qualities when you have little or no leadership experience. (Richard Branson wasn't always Richard Branson.)

Fortunately, there are a number of research-based leadership strategies you can embrace that will start paying instant dividends -- both in terms of employee engagement and bottom-line results -- on your path to gaining broader leadership skills.

You Hold Very Few Meetings
A recent meta-analysis of more than a decade of research shows 90 percent of employees feel meetings are "costly" and "unproductive." That analysis also shows they're right: Employee productivity increases by over 70 percent when meetings are reduced by 40 percent. 


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