2023 Division Scholarly Program: Call for Submissions

Program Co-Chairs: Alexandra Bristow, The Open University, UK / Ghazal Mir Zulfiqar, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan

This year the Academy of Management will convene to discuss Putting the Worker Front and Center. At Critical Management Studies (CMS) Division we welcome this theme as a multidisciplinary, transnational group concerned with structures of power and with workers’ struggles, solidarities, and connectedness. Critical scholars have a key role in this conversation by fostering debate and action genuinely concerned with workers’ living experiences, conditions, and wellbeing. Moreover, we are also well-placed to unpick the managerialist, functionalist, essentialist assumptions, and imperialist, capitalist, neo-colonial, and exploitative agendas behind the conference theme, which can undermine its progressive and transformative potential. 
We therefore welcome article and symposia submissions that critically engage with the theme of Putting the Worker Front and Center. As our aim is to facilitate meaningful and emancipatory research and in line with the CMS ethos, we will select papers and symposia that encompass the critical theoretical, empirical, and methodological traditions. We invite conceptual, empirical, and methodological papers and symposia that broadly relate to the conceptualization of contemporary work, workplaces, and workers. This could address, but not be limited to explorations of: 

  • Rising precarity in the global economy and its impact on the wellbeing of workers, their families and communities 
  • Climate, epistemic, economic, geographical, gender, racial and other kinds of injustice and inequality that marginalize, exclude, and oppress workers 
  • Power asymmetries, exploitative organizational and broader politics, and various forms of violence affecting workplaces and workers 
  • Considerations of what ‘putting workers front and center’ would need to truly involve; how can we reimagine workplaces as more caring and nurturing places? 
  • The new solidarities resisting the capitalist project in a post-pandemic world, including collective and trade union-based organizing and various forms of worker activism 
  • Alternative and new forms of organizing with potential to transform working lives 
  • Working conditions in academia, universities, and business schools, and the role of academics and CMS scholars in shaping the future of work 
In addition, in developing your submissions we invite you to respect the following criteria: 

  1. Submissions (theoretical, empirical, and methodological) should be theoretically informed by a critical tradition that challenges mainstream assumptions about the world and all who/that live/s in it. 
  2. Submissions (papers and symposia) should clearly relate to a challenge for contemporary workers that has deleterious effects, at planetary, global, societal, community, organizational, or individual level. 
  3. Submissions should include suggestions as to what CMS research, education, and/or praxis have to offer to address the issues under consideration, or alternatively how CMS needs to develop conceptually, empirically, methodologically, and/or in the realm of praxis, to help address the issues under consideration inside and outside of our academic communities. 
Please email us if you would like to discuss a potential submission or to find out more about any aspect of the Annual Meeting. We will be glad to hear from you. The conference this year will be in-person in Boston, USA. 

In conjunction with select critical journals, we offer awards to recognize the contributions made to the scholarly program by our members. Details are available at the CMS website. There is a dedicated award for the Best Developmental Reviewer and we encourage members to sign up to be a reviewer. This year we will support reviewers by hosting a workshop on Reviewing Critical Work. Please look out for announcements and contact us if you would like to be involved. 

The submission deadline is  Tuesday, 10  January 2023 at 17:00 ET (GMT-5/UTC-5). Please note that the Scholarly Program sessions will take place Monday, 07 August 2023 and Tuesday, 08 August 2023. 

AOM 2023 Key Dates

  • Submission Center Opening:
    December 2022
  • Submission Deadline:
    10 January 2023
    (17:00 ET UTC-5/GMT-5)
  • Review Period:
    19 January-23 February
  • Registration/Housing Open:
    Early March 2023
  • Decision Notifications:
  • Annual Meeting Program
    June 2023
  • 83rd Annual Meeting:
    4-8 August 2023