Doctoral Student Development Program

A Benefit of Membership for Student Members

Bolster Your Expertise in Advanced Research Methods. Get Online Access to Video Lectures on Research Methods and Data Analysis Presented by Leading Scholars.

The popular and well-regarded CARMA videos are available to student members of the Academy of Management through the Doctoral Student Development Program (DSDP). Student members have online access to the comprehensive video library of the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA).

CARMA lecturers include Distinguished Career Award Winners from the AOM’s Research Methods division, journal editors, editorial board members, and recognized experts in their fields who understand how these methods are applied in organizational settings.

The program is relevant to students in their roles as doctoral students, research assistants, research project leaders or manuscript authors and editors and is a valuable source of research methods information and support.

CARMA Video Library

  • 150+ lectures, including PowerPoint presentations and suggested readings
  • 24 lectures covering doctoral level introductory methods content
  • Ten specialized topic sets covering areas such as:
    • Correlation/regression analysis
    • Individual/group measurement
    • Multilevel analysis
    • SEM
    • Longitudinal analysis
    • Methods for strategic management
    • Qualitative methods

CARMA Series Video Collections

  • Global Lecture Series
  • Research, Methods, and Better Science Series
  • Advanced Reviewer Development Series
  • Methods Education Program



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More video samples are available at the CARMA YouTube channel