CNBC: Real estate broker with tennis side hustle beats ex-top 10 player: ‘I’m going to have to ask for another day off’

The CEO Effect

8 February 2023

AMJ Launches New Digital Series, AMJ Radio Live

Inc.: Research Shows Using 1 Word Will Help You Develop Better Ideas, Solutions, and Problem-Solving Skills

Minority entrepreneurs, Funny women, Rule breakers

Essence: More Women Job-Seekers Are Passing Up On Startups Run By Men

25 January 2023

Member Spotlight: John Hollenbeck, recipient of the 2022 Distinguished Educator Award

CNBC: Workplaces Can Do 1 Simple Thing to Help Employees Grow, Says Expert: ‘If You Could Do That For $1 Per Leader, You Should’

Forbes: When Men Dominate Startups, Women Take A Pass, According To New Research

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