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22 February 2023

27 Feb 2023
Idea and Paper Development Workshops

22 February 2023


22 February 2023

Spotlight on:

Idea Development Workshops and

Paper Development Workshops

“Paper development workshops are essential…in addition to helping scholars refine their work for submission, these events help us build up a network of committed scholars. These events are worth it for the connections we make with interesting scholars, and the opportunity to help them publish exciting and engaging research.”

-Paul Hibbert, Editor, Academy of Management Learning & Education

This week, AOM is shining a spotlight on scenes from recent Paper Development Workshops (PDWs) and Idea Development Workshops (IDWs). Over the last year, AOM members and non-members have gathered at workshops in various cities and universities around the world for guidance and expertise in the development of their manuscripts for potential submission to an Academy of Management journal.


The workshops include general presentations about the individual journal by members of that journal's editorial team, as well as roundtable discussions that focus on providing authors with practical and developmental feedback aimed at strengthening and improving their papers. The workshops are open to all Academy members, as well as non-members.


Attending PDWs and IDWs allows management scholars to connect with peers while receiving personal feedback on their papers and ideas. The goal is for scholars to emerge from the workshop with a more polished product than before and an increased sense of community.


PDWs and IDWs may be in-person or virtual. Learn more and check out upcoming workshops here.



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Save the Dates for the 2023 AOM Scholars On... Webinar Series

AOM's Subject Matter Experts will host five panels this year—focusing on timely topics of interest to both academics and practitioners. More information and registration links will be available shortly.


AOM Scholars On... 2023 Webinars

  • Top 2023 Trends in the Future of Work, 20 March
  • Leading Sustainable Growth, 22 April
  • Employee Engagement, 30 May
  • Teaching Management, in-person at the Annual Meeting in Boston
  • Conflict Management: Best Practices in the Workplace, Fall 2023
Career Services

Call for Career Coaches

Career Coaches, join the Career Services Committee in offering one-on-one coaching to AOM members throughout their career. Coaching is a short-term, topic specific conversation not limited to the job search process. It is a great opportunity to introduce those being coached to DIG leadership and/or mentors. This service is available year-round with increased demand during the Annual Meeting. Commit to the development of your colleagues. Email for an in-depth overview.


Registration and Housing to open in early March

Registration and housing for the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management will open soon! Begin planning for your AOM 2023 in-person experience in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and for the opportunity to reconnect, network, and focus on scholarly research!


Travel Advisory

If you will be traveling internationally to attend the Annual Meeting in Boston, don’t wait to apply for your visa. Learn more on AOM's .


AOM 2023 Key Dates

  • Registration/Housing Open: early March
  • Decision Notifications: late March
  • Annual Meeting Program: mid May
  • 83rd Annual Meeting: 4-8 August 2023


are designed to provide authors with guidance and expertise in the development of their manuscript for potential submission to an Academy journal. Join us for these upcoming Paper Development Workshops:

31 March

This workshop has two main parts. Part 1 comprises a general introduction to AMLE. The main focus is on writing manuscripts for the research article and essay sections of the journal. Part 2 is focused on supporting and advising researchers, with current work-in-progress, how to develop and refine their papers for submission to AMLE.

Submission deadline: 10 March

5-6 April

This workshop is geared toward PhD students, junior scholars, and senior scholars who are interested in publishing in Annals and AMD. The hope is that this workshop will help participants develop well-crafted proposals and manuscripts suitable for submission to Annals and AMD, respectively.

Submission deadline: 1 March

7 April

The goal of the workshop is to develop ideas and working manuscripts with the aim of later submission for review at AMJ. Submissions on all management-relevant topics, at all levels of analysis, and using all empirical methods are invited for the workshop.

Submission deadline: 7 March

15 April

The goal of the workshop is to develop ideas and working manuscripts with the aim of later submission for review at AMJ. Submissions on all management-relevant topics, at all levels of analysis, and using all empirical methods are invited for the workshop.

Submission deadline: 10 March

21 April

This idea development workshop (IDW) is geared toward early career researchers (e.g., Assistant Professors and Postdoctoral fellows) and PhD students who are interested in publishing in AMR.

Submission deadline: 10 March

28 April

An in-person IDW geared toward early career researchers (e.g., Assistant Professors and Postdoctoral fellows) and PhD students who are interested in publishing in AMR.

Submission deadline: 17 March

3-4 May

This workshop will provide advice on a draft paper or early-stage research that fits with the aims and mission of AMLE and to develop the work towards possible publication in the journal. Special development sessions on essays, writing up research methods, constructing theoretical and practical contributions, and responding to reviewers.

Submission deadline: 4 March


Division and Interest Group Nominations

DIG nominations are now open! Self-nominate or suggest a deserving candidate for one of the many DIG elected roles available. Access the Nomination webpages through your .


The DIG Nominations deadline is approaching on 28 February. Below are links to DIG Nomination Calls:


AOM Bylaws Amendment Vote

The Board of Governors of the Academy of Management is proposing amendments to the AOM bylaws. We value your participation in this bylaws change process. Please vote by .


2023 All-Academy Award Nominations Open

Divisions and Interest Groups will soon select candidates from among the nominations received for the , and AOM is accepting nominations for the and .


DIG News and Announcements

Connect with your Divisions and Interest Groups


Deadline: 1 March





Deadline: 10 March


Deadline: 30 April



Deadline: 28 February


DIG Events

Be a lifelong learner!

Don’t miss another chance to grow and network with your colleagues by joining a DIG event.

23 February


28 February


14 March


16 March


16 March


29 March



Current AOM Student and Academic members can now access research methods resources from the as part of their membership benefits. These resources cover quantitative and qualitative methodologies at the introductory and advanced levels.


Join CARMA's upcoming lectures:

  • 3 March: Methods for Collecting and Analyzing Data from Zoom Meetings, How to Write your Qualitative Research for Publication in Top Journals?, and Network Analysis/Dynamic Networks
  • 24 March: The Power of Tools in Qualitative Analysis, and Implications of the Open Science Movement for Emerging Scholars: Why Is It Important and How to Prepare
View a listing of each journal's most read and cited articles of 2022.

Journal Calls for Submissions

AMD Discoveries-through-Prose
Submit your empirical research to AMD's


Registered Reports

In cases in which results (whether present or not) may have important theoretical or practical implications, scholars are encouraged to follow a submission approach.

AMJ Special Research Forum

AMLE Special Issues

AMP Call for Special Issue Papers

Journal Resources

offers , , and information on and .


Academy of Management Insights

Follow , highlighting the most recent and trending summaries, multimedia, and video content based on published AOM research.


Special Issue

Access to Insights is available as an AOM member benefit.

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