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13 December 2023

13 Dec 2023
Year in Review

13 December 2023

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13 December 2023

Academy of Management

Year in Review

The Academy of Management’s future is continually shaped and guided by our dedicated volunteers and members, and 2023 has been no exception. The Academy of Management thanks its community for making this a great year and invites you to browse through this Year-In-Review issue for highlights.


The 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management took place from 4-8 August in Boston, MA. More than 10,000 members showed up to exchange knowledge and connect with colleagues from around the world. The gavel was passed from Past-President Amy Hillman to current President Sharon Alvarez. Awards were honored from , , and at the .


The journals team welcomed to the Academy of Management Learning & Education, Academy of Management Discoveries, and Academy of Management Review teams. The Academy of Management Journal team launched a new podcast and series of live conversations on X/ Twitter called . Journal editors hosted more than 20 around the world this year.


Thank you for your many contributions to AOM this year and every year. AOM extends warm wishes for a peaceful and restful end of the year. We hope to see you at in Chicago with the theme Innovating for the Future: Policy, Purpose, and Organizations.




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AOM News

The Australian

AOM in the News Review

•AOM distributed 52 scholar research briefs to global media outlets, resulting in more than of AOM member research.

•AOM's participated in more than 50 media interviews, resulting in 57 citations in top-tier global media outlets.

•AOM SMEs conducted five webinar panels


Call for News Media Outlet Suggestions

Promoting AOM member research to global news media is an effective way to increase awareness and the impact that research can have. shares top media mentions from around the world. If you know of media, publications, podcasts, or other news outlets who cover management, organization, or any of our 26 DIG research areas, .

Career Services



As you begin to make plans for next year, be sure to include promoting your school, faculty, research, and PhD programs during the Annual Meeting Career Fair in 2024. We will be offering more options than ever before. Stay tuned for details.





Join us in Chicago from 9-13 August for AOM 2024, where we will explore the theme: .

2024 Call for Submissions


Invitation to Submit

Join your professional community in contributing to and influencing the future of management and organizational scholarship in our contemporary world by sharing and presenting your research.

The Submission Center is open!

Submission Deadline: 9 January 2024

Invitation to Review

Contribute to the development of the Annual Meeting program by becoming a volunteer reviewer! Choose to review for up to two Divisions or Interest Groups, as well as TLC@AOM, and assess up to three proposals for each group you select.

Reviewer Sign-ups are open!

Reviewer Period: 18 January - 15 February

AOM 2023 Review


The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management marked a notable milestone as we returned to a fully in-person format for the first time since 2019. We had our highest number of program participants to date (12,900+), surpassing our numbers from 2019. While the attendance numbers fell just short of 2019, we were thrilled to witness the revival of a robust and engaging annual meeting experience.


Member Participation


Papers: 7,513

Symposia: 474

PDWs: 537

All-Academy Theme: 19

TLC: 102

Caucus: 43



Reviewers: 7,307

Review assignments: 28,000+



Attendees: 10,304

Individuals listed on the program: 12,900+


Program Sessions

2,324 sessions on the program (all in-person)





Quick Poll: Do you plan on submitting to AOM 2025 in Copenhagen?




2024 Visa Alert

There is a significant backlog of visa appointments for some countries. If you plan to attend the AOM 2024 Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL, USA, it is recommended that you apply for your B1/B2 visa early. Wait times may change daily, and appointments are not guaranteed. Please refer to the website for additional information.

are designed to provide authors with guidance and expertise in the development of their manuscript for potential submission to an Academy journal. Join us for these upcoming Paper Development Workshops:

29 January 2024

This workshop is hosted by Technische Universität Darmstadt.

Submission deadline: 18 December

2 February 2024

This workshop is hosted by Bern University of Applied Sciences.

Submission deadline: 3 January 2024

26 March 2024

This workshop is hosted by the University of Surrey.

Submission deadline: 27 February 2024



AOM President Sharon Alvarez introduces a new way for AOM members to better connect across our AOM community. This regularly scheduled video series will aim to offer improved awareness and understanding about all the aspects of how AOM functions. As Sharon says, she’ll see you “around the corner!”

Call for Award Committee Volunteers


The Academy of Management is recruiting Award Committee volunteers for the upcoming year. As invaluable members of our AOM community, volunteers dedicate their time, skills, and efforts to help shape the future of management research and education—sharing knowledge and expertise throughout our global network and making an impact on members around the world.


Each year, AOM presents awards to members in recognition of outstanding contributions, professional accomplishments, and distinguished service. Awards are distinguished by the breadth and length of the work. All-Academy Awards are presented leading into AOM’s Annual Meeting and committees review nominations for the following awards during the preceding months:

  • Career Achievement Awards
  • George R. Terry Book Award
  • William H. Newman Award
  • Carolyn Dexter Award

If you are interested in volunteering for one of these committees, email  for more details. You can also view this and other active volunteer opportunities .


DIG News and Announcements

Connect with your Divisions and Interest Groups

Deadline: 14 December


Deadline: 31 January








DIG Events

Be a lifelong learner!

Don’t miss another chance to grow and network with your colleagues by joining a DIG event.


5 January 2024



Join the Conversation!

Get Connected about AOM 2024!

Connect@AOM communities are buzzing with ideas for AOM 2024 submissions. Are you seeking contributions and collaborators for symposia or PDWs? Post your topic, ideas, and call to action to your DIG community discussion and tag it #AOM2024! to see what other members are already talking about, and get inspired to prepare your own submission!


Connect@AOM 2023 Highlights

Throughout the course of 2023, more than 2,100 members shared their experience and expertise across 60+ communities on Connect@AOM. Community participation resulted in over 12,300 discussion threads and 2,000 uploaded files and resources shared, with our DIGs leading the way as the most engaged communities across AOM. Whether you posted news and announcements, replied to a fellow member’s question, or simply read the Daily Digest emails to stay informed, we thank all AOM members for contributing to our vibrant online community!


Check out some of 2023’s most active, recommended, or followed conversations:




Give yourself the gift of learning something new in the year ahead. See how Mentorship is beneficial to all who participate. In the AOM Insights summary entitled “", you’ll examine how to contribute to your own professional growth and ultimately, find more value through your AOM membership!



Journal Resources

offers , , and information on and .


Free Access through 4 January 2024

New Collections Issue Available

“Absorptive capacity,” a widely studied construct in management research, remains underexplored in terms of its theoretical roots and development. Articles from the Academy of Management’s family of journals are presented and analyzed in this curated collection, shedding light on organizations’ abilities to recognize, assimilate, and apply external knowledge.

AMJ Radio Live and The Lit Review Return for a Second Season

Academy of Management Journal hosts season 2 of their digital series, AMJ Radio Live, providing first-hand information about the publishing process, interviews with the editors of the journal, and discussions of timely research insights in relation to current events. Two key features of this new digital series includes weekly Twitter Space audio segments and The Lit Review monthly podcast.


is held Wednesdays at 11 am EST (GMT-4/UTC-4)

is held the 3rd Wednesday of the month

AMR’s Bridge Reviewer Program Redesigned


The Academy of Management Review’s Bridge Reviewer Program aims to expand the pool of potential reviewers. Participants complete self-guided learning modules on topics such as writing highly developmental reviews, observing the ethics of reviewing, and avoiding bias while reviewing. After completing the learning modules, Bridge Reviewers are matched with an AMR editorial review board mentor to practice reviewing a paper submitted to AMR. The mentors then provide feedback for review.


To sign up, fill out the Look for an email (sent within two weeks) for the learning modules.


Journal Calls for Submissions

AMD Special Research Forum—

Submission deadline: 30 September 2024


AMD Discoveries-through-Prose
Submit your empirical research to AMD's


Registered Reports

In cases in which results (whether present or not) may have important theoretical or practical implications, scholars are encouraged to follow a submission approach.

AMLE Special Issues

AMP Call for Special Issue Papers

Call for Papers: Academy of Management Review Special Topic Forum

Submission Deadline: 1 October 2024

Academy of Management Insights

Insights December Issue

Follow , highlighting summaries and multimedia for managers and business leaders based on AOM journal articles.

Access to Insights is available as an AOM member benefit.

Not a member?

Have AOM News to share? Contact the .

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