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15 June 2022

15 Jun 2022
AOM Scholars On... webinar, DIG Election Results, AOM 2022, DIG News

15 June 2022

15 June 2022

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AOM Scholars discuss the record number of employees leaving the workforce and the ramifications for managers and businesses.


Leading global workplace scholar and panel moderator Stephanie Creary of the University of Pennsylvania joined panelists Allison Elias of the University of Virgina, Simone Phipps of Middle Georgia State University, and Stephen Cummings of Victoria University of Wellington to discuss “The Pendulum Shift Toward the Worker” as part of AOM’s scholar-led webinar panel on 9 June 2022.


The panel shared evidence-based insights on many of the workplace evolutions we have seen today, and specifically whether workers really have more power or agency today than before the pandemic.


The AOM Scholars showcased their research-based insights to make sense of these new workplace realities and to provide actionable tips and insights for organizations, practitioners, scholars, and the world at-large.


“I’m surprised that companies are surprised that these things like unionization, mass resignations or employee activism are happening amidst today’s workforce environment.... This idea of “don’t be surprised but be ready” would be advice I would give to leaders and employers.”


-Stephanie Creary, The University of Pennsylvania


“This is a moment of employee empowerment and employee activism. I would encourage leaders and managers, and a stakeholder theory of the firm, to be attuned to what those employee signals and needs are. Put attention on employees—are there things that can be changed to better accommodate employees and to bring about mutual gain?”


-Allison Elias, University of Virginia


“What I think makes employee activism more interesting and effective is the notion that surveillance goes two ways now. Employees are surveilling their employers in the same way that employers surveil their employees. Employers often don’t get this: that they are being watched by current and prospective employees. Technology enables employees to organize collectively in new ways and with great transparency to current work conditions and inequalities.”


-Stephen Cummings, Victoria University of Wellington


“When I think of the pendulum shift to the worker, and I think of the implications of this for people of color, or for diverse communities, I think of power dynamics. Historically speaking, based on my research, and I think we’ve all known, when it comes to power in the employment sphere, women had less power and people of color had less power and elements of this remain true today.”


-Simone Phipps, Middle Georgia State University


Mark your calendars for upcoming AOM Scholars On... panels:

  • Measuring Real World Impact of Scholarly Research, Monday, 8 August from 10:00-11:00 PDT (GMTA/UTC -7) at the 2022 Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington.
    Moderated by Jean Bartunek with panelists Usha Haley, Sarah Kaplan, Carol Kulik, and Leon Prieto.
  • Leading the Sustainable Way Forward, November 2022—more details to come.
    Moderated by Tima Bansal with panelists Christian Busch, Jeorg Hoffstetter, and Sanjay Sharma.

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Members in the News


R. Edward Freeman was , the highest honor given to a member of the University of Virginia community last Friday. The award was presented to R. Edward who has exemplified the ideals of the university in character, work, and influence. He is a university professor, Olsson Professor of Business Administration, and an academic director of the Institute for Business in Society, is the most cited professor at the Darden School of Business and joined the university faculty in 1987.


R. Edward is a member of the ENT and SIM divisions, an AOM Fellow, and recipient of the AOM Career Achievement Award for Distinguished Educator (2013) and Distinguished Scholarly Contributions to Management Award (2017).


Photo: Dan Addison, University of Virginia Communications

Christy Lemak


Ingrid S. Fulmer was . Her appointment takes effect July 1.


Ingrid is the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Faculty Affairs at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, and a professor in human resource management at the School of Management and Labor Relations.


Ingrid is a member of the HR, OB, RM, and STR divisions, a former member of the AOM board of Governors, Representative-at-Large, AMR editorial review board member, and HR DIG Relations Committee Chair.


Photo: University of Illinois

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