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Patent lawsuits, Social ladder climbers, Listening

01 Jun 2022
AOM Insights

Win or lose, going to court to protect a patent often gives even more proprietary information to the accused company, according to an Academy of Management Journal article.

Research by AOM scholars contradicts assumptions that employees from lower social class backgrounds have less confidence to speak up, and points to reasons why managers might want to rethink inclinations to prefer opinions from workers from elite backgrounds.

The first broad review of listening research—detailed in an Academy of Management Annals article—confirms that listening is important and helpful, but also reveals that listening effectively is difficult. And the more critical the need for listening becomes, the harder it gets.

In some situations, venture capitalists are more likely to make decisions based on entrepreneurs’ presentation skills, rather than their actual expertise, according to an Academy of Management Discoveries article.

“An idea is more likely to be endorsed when it signals desirable traits stereotypically associated with the opposite gender,” AOM scholars say.

While gender discrimination has largely been viewed as a uniquely female experience, research shows men increasingly believe they have suffered discrimination because of their gender.

Fueling creativity and innovation

As the Great Resignation continues, many employers are struggling to find new ways to retain, recruit, and hire talent. Here is a sample of findings from AOM scholars that can help managers and business leaders keep their organizations on track:

Fueling creativity and innovation

The United Nations has declared June 27 to be "," to boost awareness of their contributions to sustainable development and the global economy. Micro-, small, and medium-sized enterprises “make up over 90% of all firms and account, on average, for 70% of total employment and 50% of GDP,” according to U.N. estimates. Prospective entrepreneurs and business leaders can learn the latest findings from AOM scholars about micro and small ventures via Insights’ topic.

Eight Questions to Help Solve Ethical Problems

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