AMD, AMLE, AMR Call for Nominations for Editors

Nomination deadline: 6 September 2022


Nominations are being sought for the position of editor at each of three Academy of Management publications. The person(s) selected will become editor-elect on 1 July 2023 and editor on 1 January 2024. The term of office as editor at each of these journals is three years. 

The Academy's mission is to ensure an inclusive selection process and generate a viable list of qualified potential editors from a comprehensive collection of nominations. As a member of the Academy, you can recommend one or more individuals who you deem capable and inclined to accept one of these positions of responsibility. We will contact these individuals and encourage them to consider accepting the nomination to be considered for one of the suggested editorships.

Specific requirements vary by journal. Please contact us for details. In general, qualifications for an editor of an Academy publication include the following:

  • Significant scholarly contributions in management, including publications associated with the mission of the journal.
  • Extensive experience and an excellent reputation as a reviewer.
  • Experience as an editorial board member or an editor of a management-related journal. Nominees do not need to be current members of editorial teams of Academy of Management publications to be nominated.
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity. 
  • Ability to work constructively with authors, reviewers, and the Academy's Board of Governors.
  • Demonstrated administrative skills, capacity to handle a demanding workload and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work with the managing editor virtually. The managing editor is an employee of the Academy's headquarters office.
  • Familiarity with, and ability to use, a web-based submission and review system.
  • Rank of tenured, full, or associate professor or equivalent. 
  • A doctoral degree in a management-related discipline.
  • Membership in the Academy of Management is required.
We value diversity, inclusion, and equity in our international community. We seek nominees who appreciate diversity in theoretical orientations and empirical contexts, including those that are under-represented, outside the mainstream, and concern populations that are marginalized or hidden. We seek nominees that adhere to the belief that the full range of social experience must be represented in our scholarship and often these contributions are made by authors and reviewers from diverse backgrounds and locations. 

Nomination process and procedures

Nominations should include nominee name(s), full address, telephone number, email address, and current CV. We can provide editor job description and nomination search procedures on request.

All nominees will be asked to confirm their interest in pursuing the editorship at one of these journals by providing a personal statement (500 words or less) that outlines why the nominee is interested in this position. Nominees may apply as an individual or as a team of co-editors. 

The selection process will move through three stages. 

  • Stage 1: the Journals Committee will review the initial nominations and request a fuller packet to be submitted by nominees that best fit the criteria above.
  • Stage 2: Applicants that move to the second stage will be asked to submit a detailed proposal of how they would further the goals of the journal as described in the editorial mission and values statements. Applicants may be asked to meet (virtually) with the Journals Committee.
  • Stage 3: The Journals Committee will forward a recommendation to the full Board of Governors who will finalize the recommendation.

Nominations, including self-nominations, will be considered until 6 September 2022.

Email nominations to: Susan Zaid.