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14 December 2022

19 Dec 2022
2022 Year in Review, Member Spotlight: Julie Battilana and Tiziana Casciaro

14 December 2022


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14 December 2022


As the year comes to an end, we introduce our 2022 year-in-review issue. While every year lately seems to present its own unique challenges to people around the world, AOM's global community continues to inspire us, driving forward our vision of connecting members to one another through scholarship and teaching about management and organization.


Thanks to our dynamic member community, we are able to continually achieve our goals and try new things. We were happy to host the Annual Meeting in-person this year for the first time since 2019, welcoming over 7,000 attendees to Seattle, WA, where the gavel was passed from past president Herman Anguinis to our new president Amy Hillman. We launched our new journal: Academy of Management Collections and expanded our offering of CARMA research methods videos to students and academics. Academy of Management Insights reached one million visitors and signed a licensing agreement with the New York Times, broadening its reach. We also reached 20,000 members for the first time in history.


We invite you to reflect on 2022 with us as you scroll through this issue. Thank you for being a member and for your many contributions and dedication to AOM this year and every year. AOM extends warm wishes to you and yours for a peaceful and restful end of the year. We look forward to the many new things that 2023 will bring to us all.


Member Spotlight:

Julie Battilana and Tiziana Casciaro


"This book was an opportunity to help people see power differently, not just as a blunt tool reserved for the privileged few, or as a dirty business that one should stay away from, but also as energy for everyone to harness to make our life, work, and society better."

The winner of the 2022 George R. Terry Book Award is Power, for All: How It Really Works and Why It’s Everyone’s Business, authored by and . Power, for All is a democratizing vision of power that the authors hope will enable people of all kinds to harness their power to make life, work, and society better.


Over the past twenty years, Julie and Tiziana have been studying and teaching power dynamics at Harvard University and the University of Toronto, researching the politics of change in organizations and society, and advising leaders, organizations, and change makers across sectors around the world. Julie and Tiziana interviewed over 100 people for their take on power to write this book.


“While we continue to be inspired by all these change makers who aspire to make a positive difference, we came to realize that one of the reasons why people fail to have impact is because they misunderstand power. And over time, a disturbing pattern became evident to us: Across the board, we found that power was still largely misunderstood.”


Power, for All works to dispel common misconceptions around power and who has it. The book brings the topic of power back into the field of organization studies, where the authors felt it had slowly moved away from in the past few years.



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AOM News

  • AOM distributed 52 scholar research briefs to more than 700 global media outlets, resulting in more than , including 8 feature articles.
  • AOM's participated in 46 media interviews, resulting in 29 citations in top-tier global media outlets.
  • AOM SMEs conducted four webinar panels
Career Services

The Career Services Committee hosted a well-attended Job Market information session at the Annual Meeting for both job seekers and recruiters. Our past director, Matrecia James, presented invaluable information during the PDW session entitled “Beyond the Handshake”. PowerPoints available upon request.


continues to offer virtual year-round engagement and face-to-face appointments during the Annual Meeting.


2022 saw 1,094 official job openings posted by 424 unique employers and ad agencies, which is an 18% increase from 2021. This provided an average of 173 job openings listed each month with additional jobs posted daily ranging from post doc to dean’s positions along with several new industry opportunities.


Since October 2021, we’ve seen a monthly average of 1,400 job seekers on the market from more than 75 countries. The Organizational Behavior (OB) division boasts the highest amount of job seekers with 396, followed by the Strategic Management (STR), Entrepreneurship (ENT), Human Resources (HR), and Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) divisions continuing to round out the top 5!

  • Career Services at the will host on-site interviews in Boston Massachusetts from 4-8 August. Stay tuned—more details to come.
  • provides an exclusive connection with seasoned AOM members providing guidance throughout your career.
  • are now located under a separate tab within the Career Services Job Board to better highlight these unique opportunities and enable additional research growth and potential collaboration.

Call for Submissions and Reviewers

The 2023 Annual Meeting calls for submissions and reviewers are now open and both centers are now accepting submissions. View the Annual Meeting theme: .

View the

Submission Deadline: January 10

View the

Review Period: 19 January-16 February


DIG Call Messages posted to Connect@AOM

Click the Call for Submissions above for a full list of all Division and Interest Group calls.

Travel Advisory

If you will be traveling internationally to attend the Annual Meeting in Boston, don’t wait to apply for your visa. Learn more on AOM's .


AOM 2022 Review

Member Participation


  • 6,398 Papers
  • 399 Symposia
  • 444 PDWs
  • 15 All-Academy Themes
  • 97 TLC
  • 36 Caucus


  • 6,666 reviewers
  • 24,000+ review assignments


  • 10,000+ attendees
  • 10,000+ individuals listed on the program

Session Highlights

  • 1,283 in-person sessions
  • 436 virtual-only sessions
  • 427 hybrid sessions
  • 109 on-demand sessions

are designed to provide authors with guidance and expertise in the development of their manuscript for potential submission to an Academy journal. Join us for these upcoming Paper Development Workshops:

3 January

An in-person paper development workshop with an emphasis on Registered Reports.

Tel Aviv University, Coller School of Management (FTF) and online in partnership with the Israel OB Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel

3 January 2023

Deadline: 1 December

7 February

This workshop will help participants develop well-crafted manuscripts suitable for submission to the Academy of Management Review.

7 February 2023

Deadline: 3 January 2023

10 February

The goal of this workshop is to develop ideas and working manuscripts with the aim of later submission for review at AMJ. Submissions on all management-relevant topics, at all levels of analysis, and using all empirical methods are invited for the workshop.

10 February 2023

Deadline: 20 January 2023

10 and 24 February

This workshop is geared toward who are affiliated with The PhD Project, and who are interested in publishing in AMR. The goal of this IDW is to provide disciplined guidance and constructive feedback to PhD students, junior scholars, and senior scholars affiliated with The PhD Project from seasoned scholars currently serving on the editorial team of AMR.

10 and 24 February 2023

Deadline: 31 January 2023

16-17 March

This workshop is geared toward PhD students, junior scholars, and senior scholars from Latin America who are interested in publishing in AMR and AMD. The hope is that this workshop will help participants develop well-crafted manuscripts suitable for submission to AMR and AMD.

17 March 2023

Deadline: 1 March 2023

5-6 April

From the Beginning to the End: Exploratory Research to Integrative Reviews at the AOM Journals

In-person joint workshop hosted by Vrije Universiteit Brussels

5-6 April 2023

Deadline: 1 March 2023

28 April

This idea development workshop (IDW) is geared toward early career researchers (e.g., Assistant Professors and Postdoctoral fellows) and PhD students who are interested in publishing in AMR.

21 April 2023

Deadline: 10 March 2023

28 April

An in-person IDW geared toward early career researchers (e.g., Assistant Professors and Postdoctoral fellows) and PhD students who are interested in publishing in AMR.

Hosted by the Department of Strategy & Innovation, Copenhagen Business School

28 April 2023

Deadline: 17 March 2023


Call for Award Committee Volunteers


The Academy of Management is recruiting Award Committee volunteers for the upcoming year. As invaluable members of our AOM community, volunteers dedicate their time, skills, and efforts to help shape the future of management research and education—sharing knowledge and expertise throughout our global network and making an impact on members around the world.


Each year, AOM presents awards to members in recognition of outstanding contributions, professional accomplishments, and distinguished service. Awards are distinguished by the breadth and length of the work. All-Academy Awards are presented at AOM’s Annual Meeting and committees review nominations for the following awards during the preceding months:

  • Career Achievement Awards
  • George R. Terry Book Award
  • William H. Newman Award
  • Carolyn Dexter Award

If you are interested in volunteering for one of these committees, email  for more details.

2023 Responsible Research Award sponsored by AOM Fellows


Attention all AOM scholars! The , an affiliate of AOM, enthusiastically supports the 2023 Responsible Research in Management Award (RRMA) and invites nominations (or self-nominations) by 31 January 2023. Since its founding in 2018, this award has assembled a canon of responsible research—13 books and 70 articles that are academically credible, societally useful, and have helped to make the world a better place.


Although there are incessant calls for research that is relevant to practice, RRMA is the only award for socially valuable research whose selection signals affirmation by practicing executives that the study’s findings are actionable. Since 2021, winners of RRMA have been chosen by members of the Academy of Management Fellows Group to recognize and catalyze published research that yields credible results, guides practice, and benefits society.


DIG News and Announcements

Connect with your Divisions and Interest Groups


Have you noticed!? GDO is now DEI!


The division has formally transitioned its name from Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO) division following a member vote approving the change and the AOM Board of Governor’s subsequent confirmation. In conjunction with the name change, corresponding updates to the DEI domain statement were also approved.


Deadline: 31 January 2023





Call for 2023 HR Division Awards:




Deadline: 31 December







DIG Events

Be a lifelong learner!

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Connect@AOM 2022 Highlights

Throughout the course of 2022, members shared their experience and expertise on Connect@AOM by engaging in over 12,600 discussion threads and sharing more than 2,000 uploaded files and resources across our many communities. Check out some of our most active conversations:"



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To ensure you receive timely information, AOM depends on members to keep their profiles current. If you need to make any updates, please log into “My Profile” on the website and make any necessary changes to your profile and contact information.


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Members in the News


The University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business , the college’s top academic honor. In his nomination letter, David Wagner, head of the Department of Management, described how Peter, associate professor of management and Inman Research Scholar at the Lundquist College of Business, produces work of the highest quality.


“His writing is thoughtful and his research examines important phenomena,” said Wagner. “Younkin studies entrepreneurship—a critical driver of economic development—but more particularly entrepreneurial activity by and funding of entrepreneurs from traditionally underrepresented groups. Over the last three years, he has published or had accepted six papers in elite management journals Organization Science and Management Science.”


Peter is a member of the ENT, OMT, and TIM divisions.

Photo: University of Oregon


Hung-bin Ding, associate dean for academics and professor of management at Loyola University Maryland’s Sellinger School of Business and Management, was . Ding was first named to the commission in 2015.


Established in 1992, the commission assists the governor and state agencies in responding to the needs and concerns of Maryland citizens with ancestral heritage in Asian and Pacific Rim countries. Ding leads the commission of 18 voting members appointed by the governor.


In addition to his roles as associate dean and professor at Loyola’s Sellinger School, Hung-bin has served as chair of the management and international business department, director of international partnerships for Sellinger, and academic director of the Emerging Leaders MBA.


Hung-bin is a member of the MC, ONE, and SIM divisions.

Photo: Loyola University Maryland

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