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Niels Van Quaquebeke

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Department of Management and Leadership
Kühne Logistics University and University of Exeter

Topic Areas

Ethics, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Respect, Social Issues

Trending Topics

Artificial Intelligence, Future of Work, Workforce Productivity

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Niels Van Quaquebeke is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior and currently the Head of Department of  Management at the KLU. He is additionally affiliated with the University of Exeter as a Distinguished Research Professor. A psychologist by training, he pursued his PhD at the University of Hamburg and as a visiting scholar at various business schools around the globe. Later, he received the ERIM top talent post-doc fellowship at the Rotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University where he subsequently also taught as an Assistant Professor.

He is on a mission to improve leadership at work through research evidence. As such, he explores the communicative basis of successful leadership, the importance of values, ways of leading ethically, and the function of interpersonal respect. He has worked with various organizations on the above topics. Additionally, he is involved in the Research Institute on Leadership and Operations in Humanitarian Aid (RILOHA), which seeks to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian aid operations via psychological insights, the Exeter Centre for Leadership, and the Erasmus Centre for Leadership Studies.

Niels is not only an award winning scholar and teacher, but also frequently mentioned in and sought out as an expert by public media, whether for print, online, radio, or TV.

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