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Raghu Garud

Farrell Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professor of Management and Organization

Smeal College of Business
Pennsylvania State University

Topic Areas

Entrepreneurship, Management Theory, Technology and Innovation

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Remote Work and Working Families, Innovation

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Raghu Garud is Professor of Management and Organization and the Farrell Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Pennsylvania State University. Before joining the Smeal College, Raghu Garud was at the Stern School of Business, New York University. He has been a Fellow of the Sydney Sussex College, the University of Cambridge, and has been a visiting scholar at the Copenhagen Business School, the University of Bologna, the University of St. Gallen, Helsinki University of Technology and the Singapore Management University. Raghu earned a Ph.D. degree in Strategic Management and Organization from the University of Minnesota.

Raghu's research currently explores the emergence of novelty. Specifically, he is interested in understanding how new ideas emerge, are valued, and become commercialized. He has written extensively on these topics offering concepts such as path creation, economies of substitution, technology entrepreneurship, bricolage as a collective process and the socio-cognitive bases for technology emergence. In his research, Raghu has explored modularity and the emergence of architectures in systemic industries. Raghu is currently working on narratives as the generative force for the emergence of novelty within a system of meaning that shapes and is shaped by entrepreneurial foresight.

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