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Open Access Government: Could disruptions such as COVID-19 bring new opportunities for business?

10 Sep 2020
A study in Academy of Management Perspectives explains how businesses can use change in the external environment to create a better business strategy.

Originally found at Open Access Government.

A new study has highlighted how businesses can use disruptive, external changes, such as the COVID-19 pandemic to their advantage
Changes in the external environment always have an impact on the success of companies and may even tilt previously valid laws of business off balance.

Jan Recker, Chair for Information Systems and Systems Development at the University of Cologne’s Faculty of Management, Economics, and Social Sciences, has published a study in Academy of Management Perspectives, which explains how businesses can use this change in the external environment to create a better business strategy.

Recker explained: “If you want to survive in a post-COVID-19 world, you should pause and question your current strategy.

“Every crisis leads to change. But that also means that crises can lead to new, even better business strategies.”

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Read the original research in Academy of Management Perspectives.

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