2023 Affiliate PDW Program: Call for Submissions

PDW Chair: Sumit Kumar Kundu, Florida International University, Miami

The Indian Academy of Management (INDAM) invites scholars interested in research on Indian management to submit Professional Development Workshop (PDW) proposals. The invitation is open to all members of the academic fraternity – disciplinary or geographic boundaries are no bar! The PDW proposals should address management challenges and issues faced by Indian organizations, institutions, or the larger social set up. We expect that the proposals would be:

  • Innovative
    (that experiment with new processes, models, formats, and ideas)
  • Interactive
    (that offer, compare, discuss, test, and evaluate many alternative points of view on topics)
  • Integrative
    (that bridge and cross-fertilize disciplines, international borders, and levels of analysis)
  • Inclusive
    (that accommodate and provide values for all types of participants such as doctoral students, junior faculty, international members, and practitioners)
  • Interesting
    (that generate value by enriching participants with experiences, tools, thoughts, projects, approaches, methods, relationships, promises, or data that they do not have before the workshop)

The theme of the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management is “Putting the Worker Front and Center”. We invite proposals on a variety of topics that focus on Indian organization, workers, innovation, internationalization, and creating a vibrant business environment. 

Let us come together to examine the worker in the organization, and challenges and opportunities faced by them in the fast-changing business environment. The organizational environment has gone through profound changes in the past few years due to the advent of COVID and created a new culture working from home. The business models of organization have embraced technology in a significant manner and provided workers the flexibility to manage their time. INDAM encourages submission from scholars interested in management research to think of new and creative ways through which Indian organizations can enhance their productivity in the workplace, and workers maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We encourage scholars undertaking research work on Indian organizations operating in India and abroad to submit proposals that shed light on the practices pursued to reduce uncertainties and disruption in the business environment. Digitalization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, cloud computing and data analytics has a profound impact on the workers productivity and the organizational activities. As organizations deal with diversity, equity, and inclusion, we welcome submissions to better understand the practices of Indian organizations and compare them to firms located in other countries.

The demographic in India is skewed towards young people (over 50% of Indian population is below 25 years) and the role of government to create an agile and vibrant workforce to make India competitive is a topic of national importance. This also ties into government of India’s – Atma Nirbhar policy which put the worker in the Indian organization at the core for sustainable development. Education policy of the government has a direct effect on the workforce and an important topic for discussion.

Indian companies have set up operations in several developed and developing countries. We welcome qualitative and quantitative studies on Indian organizations managing the workforce in the domestic setting as well as the strategies deployed outside India. 

PDW organizers may need to act early, expend sufficient effort, contact knowledgeable advisors, and follow sound design principles to develop exemplary PDW proposals. Knowledgeable advisors are often generous of their time but may not be available too close to the deadline. Therefore, it is advised that you start working on the proposal as early as possible as you may need to revise the proposals multiple times, and seek timely feedback from your colleagues. 

Feel free to contact the PDW Chair to get feedback on the ‘preliminary’ PDW idea/proposal. You may note that many PDW proposals get rejected because the PDW chairs receive them too late.

Proposals for sessions organized in collaboration with other divisions and affiliates of the Academy of Management will be highly appreciated.

Submission Deadline – Tuesday, 10 January 2023 at 17:00 ET (GMT-5/UTC-5)

AOM 2023 Key Dates

  • Submission Center Opening:
    December 2022
  • Submission Deadline:
    10 January 2023
    (17:00 ET UTC-5/GMT-5)
  • Review Period:
    19 January-23 February
  • Registration/Housing Open:
    Early March 2023
  • Decision Notifications:
    Late March 2023
  • 83rd Annual Meeting:
    4-8 August 2023