Event:Aug 31, 2021

AMR Special Topic Forum - The New Normal: Positive Organizational Impact in an Age of Disruption

Submission Date: 30 September 2021. Guest Editors: Flore Bridoux, Jonathan Bundy, Jean-Pascal Gond, Patrick Haack, Jennifer Petriglieri, John Paul Stephens, and Kathleen Sutcliffe.
Event:Sep 26, 2021

AMD Virtual Presentation and Proposal Workshop

The purpose of this two-part virtual workshop is to learn about AMD and to then create a proposal for a project that follows the AMD mission and focus, which will then be reviewed by the AMD Editor and discussed.
Event:Sep 30, 2021

Call for Nominations for Editors of Annals or AMJ

Nominations are being sought for the position of editor of two Academy of Management publications
Event:Oct 16, 2021

Publishing in Academy of Management Perspectives

Do you have a research project, but can’t tell if it fits or appeals to AMP? Do you want to ask AMP editors some questions about the submission and publication process with AMP? Don't miss this plenary.
Event:Oct 28, 2021

AMR Idea Development Workshop on Developing Theories Informed by Latin American and Caribbean Experiences

How does the distinct, rich lifeworld of Latin American and Caribbean people inform our understanding of management and organization and enable us to generate new theories? The goal of this IDW is to provide disciplined guidance and constructive feedback to researchers worldwide from seasoned scholars.
Event:Oct 31, 2021

AMD Special Research Theme: Individual Health, Well-Being, and Work Lives in the Age of Pandemic

The pandemic has changed how we think about and behave at work, start and stop work, collaborate at work, and take risks at work.
Event:Dec 31, 2021

AMR Special Topic Forum - Fresh Perspectives on Trust in Today's Changing Theoretical and Contextual Landscapes

Submission Deadline: 1 February 2022. Guest Editors: Cecily Cooper, M. Audrey Korsgaard, Kyle Mayer, Laura Poppo, Madan Pillutla, and Aks Zaheer.
Event:Mar 30, 2022

AMLE Call for Reviews of Books and Resources on Three Timely Topics

Supporting mental health and well-being, creating conversations on diversity and inclusion, and resources for the realities of teaching during the pandemic.
Event:Apr 30, 2022

AMLE Special Issue -- The Impact of COVID-19 on Management Learning and Education: Perils and Possibilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a global disaster, requiring rapid responses and new ways of working in every field. We invite submissions to all of AMLE’s peer reviewed sections on this crisis.
Event:May 30, 2022

AMD Special Research Forum: The Human Side of the Future of Work

In management, research on this topic includes alternative work arrangements, telecommuting, artificial intelligence, work and employment policy, generational differences in values, and more.
Event:Aug 31, 2022

AMR Special Topic Forum - Theorizing Time in Management and Organizations

Submission Date: 30 September 2022. Editors: Pratima (Tima) Bansal, Donal Crilly, Karen Jansen, Ann Langley, Gerardo Okhuysen, Abbie Shipp.
Event:Jan 18, 2024

Discoveries in Brief

Discoveries-in-Brief empower authors to craft their manuscripts in nontraditional ways that make for tighter, more engaging narratives.