AMJ Paper Development Workshop, Switzerland

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In-person workshop hosted by IMD Business School, Lausanne. Extended abstract and registration required to attend. Submission deadline: 5 August 2024

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In-person Paper Development Workshop hosted by IMD Business School, Lausanne

9 September 2024
IMD Business School
Chemin de Bellerive 23
1007 Lausanne, Switzerland


Led By

Marc Gruber and Sophie Bacq. Local contact Faith Avolio.

About the Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to develop ideas and working manuscripts with the aim of later submission for review at AMJ. Consistent with the mission of AMJ, submissions on all management-relevant topics, at all levels of analysis, and using all empirical methods are invited for the workshop.

Workshop Format

The workshop features plenary and breakout sessions. Breakout rooms will be pre-assigned.

Registration and Submission information

Pre-registration and submission of extended abstract is required.
Please note: Submissions of no more than 10 pages are required upon registration, not after. Due to a limited number of slots available, applying for the workshop via the registration link does not guarantee participation. You will be notified soon after the submission deadline if your submission has been accepted for this event.

As AMJ has increased its number of international workshops, local applicants and those in neighboring locations are preferred to attend.

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