Event: 06 Jun 2024

Ask An AMR Associate Editor: Learning from the Review Process at AMR

Associate Editor Kristie Rogers will discuss how rejections can be valuable learning opportunities.
Event: 30 May 2024

AOM Student Community Introduction

Register for this free session on the upcoming Connect@AOM Student Community. Join fellow members & AOM staff to learn more about this new community and how to become a DIG ambassador.
Event: 28 May 2024

Ask An AMR Associate Editor: Special Topic Forum on Artificial Intelligence

Sebastian Raisch, Anastasiya Zavyalova, and Dana Minbaeva, Associate Editors of the Special Topic Forum on AI and Management, will discuss the call for papers.
Event: 17 Apr 2024

Ask An AMR Associate Editor: Phenomenon-Based Theorizing at AMR

Associate Editor Paul Tracey will discuss the advantages and challenges of phenomenon-based theorizing.
Event: 20 Mar 2024

Ask An AMR Associate Editor: The Review Process at AMR

Associate Editor Christine Shropshire will discuss how reviewers are selected and invited when a paper is reviewed at AMR.

AMLE "Impact" Event, UK

The event will showcase pathways through which researcher engagement with wider stakeholders can improve practice at work or in management education. Register by 29 November.

First Time Attendee & New Member Orientation

Learn more about your Academy membership benefits and how to navigate the Annual Meeting prior to your arrival in Boston. RSVP to attend this event.

Organizational Neuroscience Conference

Specialized conference hosted by the NEU Interest Group and Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University 15-17 June 2023. Submission deadline 24 May. Registration deadline 12 June.